Multi-instrumentalist Jan Oelbrandt joins Cortez Cortez

Hi folks,

We’re very happy to announce that beginning 2019, multi-instrumentalist Jan Oelbrandt agreed to join Cortez Cortez.

Jan, established since his solo-act Dobrojean, collaborated with the cream of the crop of the Belgian music scene. He was sidekick to Guy Swinnen & Willy Willy, played and recorded with Patrick Riguelle, Irish Coffee, Roland Van Campenhout, Wigbert, Steven De Bruyn, Sarah Ferri and countless others.

His gracious pedal steel, lap steel and dobro sounds will now add more colour and diversity to the music of Cortez Cortez. As our fifth member, he can take on the role of Ben Keith, our own “Stringman”. Check out his website at [].

Welcom Jan!